performance Camille Renarhd

Résidence at the Arts Based Reseach Studio – Alberta

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I have kept mixing languages (sound, dance, voice, visual) – leading to a place, where the body is moving towards endlessly renewed patterns through contact with the world and its relations with others – The theme of exile is present in my body & mind as an inside question (and always renewed question). As well, I question the place of the artist within real or imaginary communities in tune or not with its adopted or original culture. I question the place keepers of forgotten stories and seek to allow the body’s vocabulary to include the collective memories of space and matter. As an interdisciplinary artist, my work can take many forms (performance, installation, restoring actions, urban ritual, writing, photography, heuristic’s maps, workshops) and the process, research and sustained exchanges are as essential and valued as the end product.

I have been deeply moved by the murder of her Mexican friend and choreographer, Nadia Vera last summer, and by the attacks in Beirut & Paris as well. I ask myself how can we continue to dance as our bodies resonate with these chocks and violence ? During her residence I will explore an underscore of jumps & voice, finding a physical and emotional engagement in that resisting/explosive/alive body . The notion of “resilience” will be central : how can we continue to dance with a missing part – with our grief, with our sadness – and transform it. How can we continue even more to collaborate, to create a human web of solidarity through art – just continuing the movement even if some part of US disappears…

The research process will be open to people from different background who will be interested to work in a lab frame.

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