Do you want to be my guest? Arts Based Research Studio

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During my residence, I will develop my reflexion & voice + body practice around two words : resistance and resilience.
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Here is my proposal:

Pick up a day (except Wednesday)

Meet with me at 2 pm or 1 pm with good shoes + clothes you can easily move with. (we can move that to morning if it’s easier).


Part 1 : walk & talk

We will go for an hour walk along the river, exchange and more (We can meet at the extremity of HUB, the closest side from the river)


Part 2 : Back to the studio

We will spend an hour (or two depending of your time)

The question that I’m bringing will be : when we come back to a closed / controlled space, how we keep an experience In Situ alive? How we transform it?


Option + + +

  •      + we can meet for lunch before the walk.
  •      + Each day, I’m closing my practice with a Keep dancing (a simple structure of improvisation) from 5.00 to 6.00 pm. So you are welcome to jump in.


I imagine to have 3 meetings like that until the end of March / beginning of April.

I’m also open to transform this set regarding of what you imagine, would love to share! Or just the time you have.


Let me know!

See you at the studio


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