Upcoming event at Arts Based Research Studio

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Next week I have the pleasure to continue my research at the Arts Based Research Studio  where I’m a guest student for two months.
After two weeks of residence I will open more the work.
This coming week, at Lunch time – on Thursday 3rd from noon to 2 pm -, I propose a Panel-discussion :
How can we cultivate a “non-violent” body?
How can we continue to dance/create as our bodies resonate with chocks and violence?  How can we continue to dance with a missing part – with our grief, with our sadness – and transform it. Ghandi is speaking of this non-violent moment as we choose to process the energy of anger instead of acting from our anger.
To open the discussion I will lead a simple and fun movement practice around the notion of Resistance and Resilience.
Two guests will also be talking with me as I’m interested to cross my questions with other points of view and disciplines :
Joëlle Préfontaine, graduate Student at the Drama Department.
and Lin Snelling, Teacher at the Drama Department.
Looking forward to sharing more with you,
Please let me know if you come before Thurday. So I can have an idea of how many persons will be present.
Also, when I’m inside the studio I can’t hear people knocking at the door so I want to be sure that nobody will be waiting outside.
You can come with your lunch. There’s a little kitchen to make tea and a microwave to hit your food if needed.
DIRECTION : 3 mn walk from FAB : It’s at noon at Education North 4-104.
My cell phone : +1 438 879 6127

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